29 (2), 2014






Reflection of High School and Physics Education Students’ Views about Satellite Motion into Their Thought Experiments
Dr. Hatice ACAR & Doç. Dr. Zeynep GÜREL

Incorporating Authentic Models into Business Letter Writing within the ESP course at Kazakhstani Universities
PhD Student Aliya AIMOLDINA & Prof. Dr. Sholpan ZHARKYNBEKOVA

E-Guidance and Counseling Decision Support System in Elementary and High Schools
Prof. Dr. İbrahim ÇİL, Doktora Öğrencisi Mehmet Akif TOKAT , Yrd. Doç. Dr. Yusuf S. TÜRKAN & Doç. Dr. Nurettin DOĞAN

Physical Education Teachers' Problems in Practice and Suggested Solutions
Prof. Dr. Gıyasettin DEMİRHAN, Dr. Yeşim BULCA & Yrd. Doç. Dr. Fatma SAÇLI

Stress Factors Among University Students: A Study on Interpersonal Relationship Style and Problem Solving Abilities
Prof. Dr. Ayşegül DURAK BATIGÜN & Yrd. Doç. Dr. Aliye ATAY KAYIŞ

The Effect of Mozart’s Music on the Success of Middle School Students in Mathematics Courses
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Özge GENÇEL ATAMAN

Validity and Reliability Study of the Turkish Version of the Cultural Intelligence Scale
Arş .Gör. Mustafa İLHAN & Doç. Dr. Bayram ÇETİN

An Investigation of the Relationship Between School Administrators’ Accountability and Organizational Justice
Arş. Gör. Mahmut KALMAN & Prof. Dr. Tokay GEDİKOĞLU

A Multi Criteria Approach For Statistical Software Selection in Education
Assist. Prof. Dr. Zeliha KAYGISIZ ERTUĞ & Prof. Dr. Nuray GİRGİNER

A Validity and Reliability Study of the Virtual Environment Loneliness Scale (VELS)
Doç. Dr. Özgen KORKMAZ, Doç. Dr. Ertuğrul USTA & Yrd. Doç. Dr. İbrahim KURT

Common Ground for Positioning: A discourse Analysis on Second Language Socialization
Assist. Prof. Dr. Deniz ORTAÇTEPE

Relationship of Instructor and Course Characteristics to Students Evaluations
Doç. Dr. Sevgi ÖZGÜNGÖR & Doç .Dr. Erdinç DURU

Comparison of Answer Key and Scoring Rubric For the Evaluation of The Student Performances
Burcu PARLAK & Doç. Dr. Nuri DOĞAN

Evaluation of Accompaniment Playing Course with the Perspective of Pre-Service Music Teachers

Effect of Case Study Method on Preservice Teachers’ Anxieties toward Chemistry Laboratory
Dr. Munise SEÇKİN & Yrd. Doç. Dr. Serkan YILMAZ

Parents’ Expectations From Preschool Education Institutions
Arş . Gör. Zeynep Ceren ŞİMŞEK & Doç. Dr. Asiye İVRENDİ

English Learning Strategies of Various Nations: A Study in Military Context
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ekrem SOLAK

Phonological Problems Encountered in Multinational Classrooms in Teaching Turkish As a Foreign Language
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Gülden TÜM

The Perceptions of Academicians in Education Faculties on Their Lifelong Learning Competencies

Examination of the Responsibility Education Strategies of Primary School Teachers
Doç. Dr. Rüştü YEŞİL

The Relationship Between School Administrators’ Five Factor Personality Traits and Their Conflict Management Style Preferences
Hüseyin YILDIZOĞLU & Doç. Dr. Berrin BURGAZ

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