The new issue of Hacettepe University Journal of Education (2023, volume 38, 2nd issue) has been published.


As of February 1, 2021, only English articles will be accepted to Hacettepe University Journal of Education. Accepted Turkish articles after February 1, 2021 are required to submit a full text in English.


ULAKBİM updated TRDİZİN Journal Evaluation Criteria for 2020 and detailed the articles related to the ethical board approval for scientific research. In this regard, the following ethical information and documents will be requested from all articles uploaded to our journal as of the 1st of January, 2020. Without this information and the documents, even if the evaluation process of the articles is completed, they will not be accepted, they will not be published as an early view article with a doi number assigned.


  • It is obligatory to obtain the Ethics Board Approval for all articles uploaded and in the reviewing process after the 1st of January, 2020. The articles should be prepared according to the new article template.Ethics board information and statements should be specified and documented in the article.
  • The ethical statements of the authors should be included in the "Research and Publication Ethics Statement" field in the article template. There should be expressions claiming that "research and publication ethics are complied with" and / or "copyright regulations for the intellectual and artistic works used are respected" in this statement. Additionally, after the "Research and Publication Ethics Statement", the fields such as "Contribution Rates of Authors to the Article", "Support Statement", "Acknowledgment" and "Statement of Interest" should be included. Of these, "Contribution Rates of Authors to the Article" and "Statement of Interest" are mandatory to include, while "Acknowledgment" and "Support Statement" are not.


  • After the acceptance of the article, the ethical committee document should be submitted along with the author's warranty and liability document. The articles that do not present an ethics committee document and which do not include the information regarding this document will not be given a doi number and will not be possible to be published in our journal.



The manuscript template for submissions to Hacettepe University Journal of Education has just been changed. The authors should follow the new template for their new submissions as the new template will be effective as February 1, 2021. The under review articles will be subject to change only if they are accepted for publication. The authors of the accepted articles will be contacted to modify their manuscripts in accordance with the new template and only after the completion of this procedure, their articles will be provided with DOI numbers. Therefore, there are no actions to be performed at the moment for in progress articles until the editors reach a final decision on the manuscripts. The authors of the early view articles will be contacted once their articles are assigned to an issue and they will be asked to follow the new template then. Please click here to get access to the new template.


All articles submitted to and accepted for publication at Hacettepe University Journal of Education are published only after full clearance as result of the procedures performed in plagiarism check software and after the receipt of signed copies of “Author Responsibilities Form”. The relevant software, however, cannot identify the act of plagiarism if performed in a different language than the original text. Therefore, the authors are deemed fully responsible for the clearance of their submitted/published work. 



SCImago Journal & Country Rank

Current Issue | 38 (2), 2023

Investigation of the Anxiety Level of Senior Students of the Statistics Department of the Faculty of Science in Ankara Research Universities
Beste Buse YILDIRIM & Mehmet YILMAZ

Nonviolent Communication in Lifelong Education

Acculturative Stress and Scholarship Liability: Exploring the Challenges Faced by Turkish Graduate Students at US Universities
Hüseyin TUTAR

Exploring the Relationship between Socioeconomic Status and Identification of Gifted in Turkey through Critical Systems Thinking

The Effect of Online Application on Academic Achievement and Attitude in Musical Hearing Reading and Writing (MHRW) Lesson

Evaluating Online Courses Implemented in the Pandemic Period: A Qualitative Study
Oğuzhan TEKİN

The Role of School Managers Toxic Leader Behaviors in the Effect of Teachers' Core self evaluations on Job Satisfaction, Organizational Cynicism and Burnout
Özgür ARLI, Hasan Engin ŞENER & Cem Harun MEYDAN

Examining Primary School Curriculum from the Perspective of Classroom Education: The Case of 2015-2018

Twice Exceptionality with RStudio: A Bibliometric Analysis
Seda Nur ŞAKAR & Mustafa BALOĞLU

Examination of Explicit Engineering emphasis on Students’ Knowledge and Views of Engineering through STEM Training

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